Bitter Much, Rupert?

Only Fox would declare this an outrage. Consider this is from the same network that had Sean Hannity & Brent Bozell (who called  Hannity “Brother Hannity” on the show) bemoaning the fact that Jay Carney used to work at “liberal” Time magazine before becoming Presidential Press Secretary. This, of course, is the same Time magazine that put Megyn Kelly on their “100 Most Influential List”-and interviewed her on Fox and Friends, to boot! Oh, Roger & Rupert, who did the late Tony Snow work for before taking the same position as Carney in W’s administration? Wait, I remember! Fox News! They just can’t get over the fact that Media Matters was started by a journalist who renounced a “tell-all” book he wrote bashing Anita Hill after the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings. And we continue to get hip deep in the hypocrisy. 


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