The scumbags of the Earth have hit a new low. (And I know, I used to be one of them). Friday I switched my home phone landline service from my cable company to AT&T and had to get a new number. The installer joked that I wouldn’t miss the ringing from the old phone number, “those were probably just telemarketers anyway.” Well, before you can say “do not call list” (where I have updated the number), I have received in order: 1) a robo call from a tort lawyer in Florida on Monday, 2) a solicitation from the main newspaper in the area (the Mobile Press-Register) at 10 minutes to 9 this morning (which is against FTC regulations-I know I worked in the industry) and 3) during this current lunch hour of Noon that same tort law firm plus two from something called USA Security in Missouri. I told the guy I wasn’t interested and hung up and they called AGAIN less than 30 minutes later! Please do consider having your number unlisted and get a call blocker that works. They vary in quality so check them carefully. Finally please tell your representatives (House & Senate) to put some “teeth” in the Do Not Call Law. Even an FTC rep has admitted to me that it’s virtually useless as it is now.


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