What’s Up Doc?-Evening Edition

One last look at the day:

Honk if your GM car has NOT been recalled.

You can now pester your friends for their relationship status on Facebook. Thank God I’m still single! Honestly, Zuck, you’ve gone too far. What part of privacy don’t you understand, dude?

Kim and Kanye were wearing bandannas after a pre-wedding workout. Mark Zuckerberg, you’re forgiven. For God’s sake, can’t we let these two get married privately and get on with our lives? Damn you, Andy Warhol!

Minnesota has the Super Bowl in 2018. That means you have four years from now, Teddy Bridgewater.

Cliff Lee is having his left elbow examined. Well, that’s one less trade prospect for the Yankees.

A new phenomenon -“Green Fatigue”, meaning the public is tired of hearing about climate change. That means they won’t be watching MSNBC or the Discovery Channel any more. Please, people, this is important. How important? Oh, just life or death…of our planet!

Finally, a link has been found between high cholesterol and infertility. Maybe Lipitor will replace Viagra.

Wait, there’s one more! Scientists have sequenced the first termite genome. Honestly, how could you have gone to bed without knowing THAT?

Sleep tight.



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