What’s Up Doc?

Tool can plug gunshot wounds in seconds. Don’t get any ideas, NRA.

Bear mauls Montana hunter. Should have given it his hammock.

Republicans demand hearings in Bergdahl case. Why not? It’s a lot easier than actually voting on stuff.

Syrian Presidential elections to start. Or as Bashar Assad calls them, his coronation.

Seattle passes $15 minimum wage. Well, they can kiss McDonald’s and WalMart goodbye.

Rich getting richer, yet inequality still denied. Not only are they rich, but dumb too.

Kings/Rangers for the Stanley Cup. Well, there goes my lucky “Let’s Go Hawks” mullet. Go Kings!

Dan Marino joins concussion lawsuit against NFL. Still won’t get you a Super Bowl ring, Danny boy.

Astronomers find “Godzilla of Earths”. And Hollywood is already getting the movie rights.

World Cup travelers could face health and safety issues. Well, of course, Brazil isn’t Disney World after all.

Climate change denial could damage GOP’s future in California. That’s assuming they even have one.

That’s all, folks. Sleep tight.



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