Right To Brag

I won’t exactly call it bragging, but I want to congratulate my dear friend, Susie Glickman, on her remarkable progress from recent health issues. Susie is a courageous lady who has sadly become a member of the group of people who have Parkinson’s Disease. Notice I did not say victim, because I refuse to use that word when it comes to disease. Watch the video of George H. W. Bush skydiving at 90 and tell me he’s a victim, even though he too has Parkinson’s. Or Michael J. Fox, who is no one’s idea of a victim.

Back to Susie.Her tough year started ironically with helping to care for a friend. While doing this, Susie tried to prevent this friend from falling in her home, causing major injury and pain to herself, rendering her nearly immobile. This came on top of an already scheduled minor heart procedure. But now, she is back walking among us and able to continue her service as President of the Board of Directors of our church. She’s even able to stand and perform platform speaker duties at Sunday service and is expected to be able to drive herself soon. Hopefully, she’ll get back to doing her beloved line dancing and maybe even teach again.

I hope this shows how proud I am of her. To quote the old song title “If You Knew Susie”.¬†dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/right-to-brag/


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