Offside Memories

I’ve been lucky enough, thanks to having family relations in New Orleans, to see two Super Bowls in person. The first one was in the old Sugar Bowl, aka Tulane Stadium, Pittsburgh vs. Minnesota. Before the game, they were honoring guests in attendance. One of them was Adolph Rupp, the legendary Kentucky basketball coach. While they were introducing him, my father turned to me and said he was going to stand up at the same time Coach Rupp did. My mother was furious, but he said “ah, they don’t know what he looks like.” So he did it to my and my mother’s shame.¬†

The second was in the Superdome, Denver vs. Dallas. Dallas was killing the Broncos (pre-Elway) and it seemed like every time they scored the same beer ad would appear on one of the sign boards. “Now It’s Miller Time.” What struck me funny about that was the Broncos’ coach at that time was one Red Miller.

I have two more stories, but my coffee’s getting cold.


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