There’s Something Happening to Mrs. Pauley

There sure is a lot of activity over at Mrs. Pauley’s place. Man, just look at that car that just pulled up. Wny I bet it’s worth more than everybody on this block makes, combined! Fella just came out. Two big dudes  are with him. Wouldn’t want to take on those guys. Look like they came right out of Jets’ training camp. Mom said she’d been having hard times, Mrs. P. Just like all of us. Uh oh! Here she comes, screaming like she wants to be heard three states away. 

Hey, what you doing with that nice old lady. What? Don’t tell me to shut up. I’ll call the police, the T and V, hell, I’ll call the President. Oops, sorry. Gotta go put money in the swear jar.

Whoa! They gone, just like that! Looks like we gonna get new people over there some day. I hope they got somebody my age. I need a wingman for Phantom Warrior IV. Hope they can get me past that fifth level.

I know, Officer Donnelley, nothing to see here. Just go inside. Sure is a shame, don’t you think? Yeah, I’m going.

That’s my , ahem, attempt. Thoughts?


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