The Things We Treasure

“Don’t it always seem to go /that you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.”- Joni Mitchell

I use that quote as an excuse for bending the topic just a bit. By that I mean, the subject of this post is no longer a tangible part of my life. Gone, yes, but not forgotten. I speak of Sammy.

Who’s Sammy, you ask? Sammy was a small stuffed toy seal. Nothing remarkable  about that, you scoff. Lots of kids had favorite toys. Yes, but did they have them into early adulthood. I did. Sammy.

How he came into my life is something long lost to the proverbial mists of time. Yet in my mind he’s still here. Every time I see a real life counterpart of his, he comes to mind. I was a shy child and Sammy was the only true friend, human or otherwise, that I could count on. He “lived” a good long life. All our friends and treasures should be so sturdy.

In today’s disposable world, it’s getting harder and harder to have true treasures. Thank God whoever came up with planned obsolescence never found Sammy.

Many may have family heirlooms. If we didn’t,  “Antiques Roadshow” and the like wouldn’t be on the air. And at times I wish my dad had thought enough of his original yellow T-bird to preserve it and pass it down to me. But it still wouldn’t have been totally mine like Sammy.

If those of you with children, have a child who has some favorite thing, please don’t make them throw it away. No matter how worn, torn, beat up or knocked around it is, it has meaning to them and should have to you as well.

There’s a reason we call such things treasures. Like MasterCard’s ads say, to us they’re “priceless”, no matter the original cost. Savor them.


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