On Bees and Efs

I certainly do believe in the concept of a BFF and feel sorry for those who don’t have one. In high school, my BFF was Ron Gregoire. He introduced me to the Beatles when my old man frowned on having rock and roll in the house. We shared a mutual passion for pizza, slot car racing and radio. Both of us were masters (in our mind, at least) of the prank call. My favorite of his was calling a local bar, asking if they had any Blue Ribbon and, if they said yes, ask them to cut off a couple yards and send it over. Sophisticated humor ala Bart Simpson!

When I last heard from him he had stayed in Illinois and was now head of admissions for a junior college in Springfield (Lincoln’s, not Bart’s) and bald as a billiard ball. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I still had a full head of hair.

5 years from now will make the 50th anniversary of our senior class. Please God, let the reunion happen! Our old high school has disappeared through merger but I know there are still alums around like us to make it happen.



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