Memoir Madness

This person may never read this, but if they do, they know who they are. I am in junior college seeking career/job hunting advice. Now I admit that this was years before I got over my shy, eye-contact avoiding nature, but I thought things were going pretty well. When the session was over, I started to leave when I heard words that shocked and hurt to the core. The advisor, not realizing I was still within earshot (I love that word) said “This one’s gonna be a tough sell”. Whatever confidence i had at the time drained out of me faster than those demonstrations on drain opener commercials. “How dare he say that”, I thought to myself. Sadly, he was pretty accurate. I never became a big success at anything except surviving. Hey, I’m still here, aren’t I?


6 thoughts on “Memoir Madness

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  2. belle★beckford

    I know that happened a long time ago, but consider this: most people don’t become a big success at anything. Most of us are just average and trying to survive, so don’t put yourself down. Also, hey, maybe the advisor was referring to someone else…how about that theory? 🙂


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