Ya Wanna Know What I Think?

Random thoughts of the day:

Here we go again. Another 72 hour cease fire. Anyone want to bet how long this one lasts? Honestly, there’s more certainty in a 72 hour sale at your local mall. Still we have to keep trying.

How is an unarmed teenager a threat to a cop’s life? Black or white makes no difference. On the face of it, this looks like a horrible mistake and black eye (no pun intended) for the St Louis Police. I hope I’m wrong. I also hope the calls for retaliation in blood go unheeded. Two wrongs doth not justice make.

They say the good works we do on earth live on after us. Well, it looks like Neil Abercrombie just got a lesson in the political karma and continuing mojo of the late Sen. Dan Inouye. He should be smiling down on his proteges from above, ‘ol Dan.

Now Amazon is blocking orders on Disney product. Honestly, I think Jeff Bezos is getting too big for his britches. But this time, your strategy won’t work, sir. Nobody messes with the “House of Mouse”.

Until next time.


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