Now is the time to start a movement to get this nation’s government working again for all of us. This can take many paths and a lot of trial and error. Our founding fathers knew this, rolled up their sleeves and went to work anyway. As JFK said about going to the moon, let’s not choose it “not because it’s easy but because it’s hard.”

It starts with being active, working on campaigns you believe in. We need to show the big money crowd that people power still exists. One way to do that is to, once and for all, show big money in politics the door!

Support and elect people who pledge to work together to get things done. The Republicans made their point by sabotaging this President to the point that he has had to act unilaterally and maybe illegally to get ANYTHING done.

In the end, maybe it’s time we considered a second Constitutional Convention to build a more modern framework for a true 21’st century American government.

Doing nothing has gotten us in the state we are in now. Let’s try doing SOMETHING for a change!


3 thoughts on “Manifesto

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  2. Christian Thomas Golden

    I like this a lot. I used to spend a ton of time attempting to discern which policies are best and which party I should support. I eventually came to the realization that no party or politician will ever have our best interests at heart. Their priorities will always surround what’s best for them.

    So, who’s gonna take care of us?! We are.

    That is, if we ever muster up the courage, strength, and endurance.


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