Uncanned Laughter

This reminds of me of a great incident back in the late sixties. I was living south of Chicago at the time and listened regularly to the afternoon DJ on WLS, Larry Lujack. One day he mentioned a call he got with a song request from a student at Purdue. Larry said “he asked me to play ‘that bathroom song'”. Stunned, Lujack asked “bathroom song”? The kid said “yeah, you know, the one where the guy sings ‘Don’t go out tonight/well, it’s bound to take your life/there’s a bathroom on the right’> Turns out it was Creedence Clearwater’s “Bad Moon Rising” and the line is actually “there’s a bad moon on the rise”. John Fogerty never was Mister Perfect Diction. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/uncanned-laughter/


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