BlackPhone Co-Founder Jon Callas On Mobilizing Privacy For The Mainstream


BlackPhone co-founder Jon Callas is in London to give a talk at IP Expo — pitching the concept of a secure yet capable smartphone to IT decision makers who, wind back the clock a few years, would have unquestionably bought BlackBerry. Now there are a lot more question marks over that sort of business buying decision, given BlackBerry’s downward trajectory.

As others have noted, the end game for the company formerly known as RIM is likely to entail being broken up and sold off for its constituent parts. It’s certainly true that BlackBerry’s vice-like grip on the enterprise smartphone market lapsed a long time ago. And where there’s fresh slack, there’s the gleam of opportunity. So step forward BlackPhone.

“I think it’s inevitable that enterprise will outpace the prosumer market,” says Callas, discussing which segment — prosumer or enterprise — will be BlackPhone’s keenest adopter. The $629 hardened Android smartphone started shipping in June, with pre-orders…

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