My First “Exotic” Food …

was a pie. We were at Knott’s Berry Farm in California. This was back in the late ’50s, long before it became  the attraction stuffed amusement park it is today. In those days, the main attractions were the old mine and the restaurant, where people could order up some of Mrs . Knott’s recipes for meals. My mother told me “be sure and make room for dessert. It’s rhubarb pie.” You should have seen the face I made. I had no idea what rhubarb was but had made up my mind that it didn’t sound too good.

Well, dessert arrived. I gave it a look. Looks good. Sniffed it. Smells good! Tasted it. Wow! I still couldn’t tell you what rhubarb was but I LIKED it!!

Many things have changed since then. I sure hope that pie hasn’t.


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