Talking Heads For Prohibition

The Dish

Scarborough repeats tired, intellectually lazy arguments against the legalization of marijuana:

You’ll notice a few things about this inane discussion. There is close to zero informed understanding of marijuana, its physical and psychological effects. You don’t find discussions about how marijuana hurts the adult mind or how it’s as addictive and socially disruptive as alcohol (because those arguments disintegrate as soon as you try to substantiate them). There is a completely anecdotal premise that a drug used by the last three presidents – and countless truly creative and accomplished people – simply makes everyone “dumb.” You’ll notice above that the entire smug boomer crew on Scarborough’s show has no real response to the point that alcohol can also make you dumb (and violent and out-of-control). They dismiss that scenario if you drink alcohol in moderation. So why not pot in moderation? But my point is this: they haven’t even gotten…

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