Patience, Alignment, Appreciation

61 Musings

steve1My brother Steve is two years younger than me.  Out of all five of us siblings, he and I are the most aligned philosophically.  He’s an interesting fellow, someone with whom I wish I could spend more time.  We’re a thousand miles away from each other and I miss him.

steveHe posted a blog today that I wanted to share with you:  Patience, Alignment, Appreciation.  My brother is a wonderful photographer, so the pictures are worth the trip to his blog.  But please stop to read the blog, too.  Steve put himself through the School of Hard Knocks.  He’s always done things his way.  I haven’t been in his life as much as I wish, but when I have I’ve tried to be a good big sister.  I’ve held him when it would help, and let him fall when that’s what he’s needed the most.  Now I get to…

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