Chablis, Where God and Darwin Collide

Wine, Culture, History & Politics from Tomas Clancy

Chablis, Where God and Darwin Collide

Evolution and the nature of existence is not our usual reflection from wine, but in one spot in the wine world the enormity of the earth’s and mankind’s history bursts though into the air, the soils and the wine.

In one spot, Evolution and Intelligent Design collide in a joyous creation.

This is in Chablis.

Every where you step and plant your foot in a Chablis vineyard you crunch into the soil, which ios made of endless deep white and grey gravel.

The gravel is irregular, full of white and grey stones that range from the size of a euro to the size of your fist. It is an uncomfortable surface to walk across, but thankfully there is some beige sandy earth and finer soils made from endlessly ground up rocks.

If you hunker down and lift one of these stones in your hand…

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