You Aren’t Too Busy To Be A Friend, You’re Just A Bad Friend

Thought Catalog

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You know the most annoying thing about somebody telling you they’re “too busy” to return your phone call or text you back? Other than the fact that saying they’re “too busy” is total bullshit, this person really has the audacity to assume you aren’t intelligent enough to decode said bullshit. Oh, you’re “too busy” with your 40-hour workweek and lounging around in your pajamas binge-watching some show on Netflix to press a few keys on your iPhone? I’m sorry; I thought you were a friend who valued our face-to-face interaction from time to time. I obviously mistook you for someone else. My bad.

Look, I get it. You’re busy. You work, you go to school, you have yoga class, you’ve taken up knitting – whatever. But guess what? You’re not alone. I have a job. I have hobbies and responsibilities just like you. And newsflash – most people are exactly…

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