Introvert Office Party

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4DYByMlFor many of us, this is the biggest holiday season of the year.  And that means the Dreaded Office Christmas Party.  I’m lucky.  I can work from home and don’t have an office party to go to.  My new manager has people in Minneapolis, St Louis and me out here in Oregon all on my own, so an office party isn’t possible.  But I’ve gone to plenty of them over the years.  Once I even had the perfect excuse.  I got up to get ready for work, and the office party at noon, only to find out that the bathroom of the apartment above me had sprung a leak and was flooding my bathroom.  If I wanted to use the toilet I needed an umbrella.  That had to be the best excuse ever, but because I’d come up with so many excuses for other parties no one believed me. …

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