Cold Brew versus Hot Brew Preparation

A customer recently asked us:  “Can any coffee be brewed via a cold press method?  And, what is the difference between a cold versus hot brew”?

Our resident coffee gurus teamed up with this response:

yes, all coffees can be brewed cold or hot…however some coffees DO react differently depending on the type of extraction method.

  • ALL coffees can be brewed hot OR using a cold water toddy method, but they don’t always produce the same quality in other extraction methods
  • Each extraction method brings out different characteristics of the coffee.  Espresso is under pressure which reacts with the grounds to produce a different flavor profile than if the same coffee was made as drip.  French press will often give you the most complex and realistic flavor profile since there is no filtering, leaving the fine particulate and oils in the coffee itself.  Percolating literally destroys the coffee and can…

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