Josh McKoon on the cultural threat posed by Delta, other big ‘multi-national’ firms

More stupid politician talk.

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Only several days ago, the Paulding County GOP posted a YouTube video of its Saturday, Aug. 15 gathering that featured state Sen. Josh McKoon, R-Columbus. During his address, McKoon spoke of S.B. 129, his “religious liberty” legislation embraced by many religious conservatives.

The measure has failed twice in the last two years. It is a sure topic of discussion in 2016. The problem, McKoon said, isn’t the LGBT lobby or Democrats. Watch:

Said McKoon:

“The Georgia Equalities of the world and Better Georgia – they don’t get a whole lot done at the Legislature. So why is it that we’ve had this problem?

“We’ve had this problem because very large multi-national corporations that are headquartered in this state – their executives, many of whom are not from Georgia, have different values than you and I do. They think that their cultural norms, their liberal, far-left cultural norms, should…

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